Solar Powered Fountain Pumps

solar powered fountain pumps

The use of solar in your landscape design allows you the freedom to create your garden wherever you desire without an electrical expert.

Solar Powered Fountain Pumps provide life supporting oxygen to ponds, add visual interest to your garden landscape and create a soothing water sound.

Add dimension and life to your garden or patio.

Incorporate solar powered fountain pumps anywhere the sun shines without digging in electrical lines, stringing extension cords or hiring an electrcian.

Solar Powered Pumps for Fountains

A solar water pump uses solar energy that's provided by a photovoltaic panel.

In some cases the panel is incorporated into the design of the fountain (floating fountains for example). In this case the fountain itself must be placed in a sunny location to ensure that enough sunlight falls on it to keep it functional.

In other cases the panel is separate from the fountain and a cord is supplied to join the two, adding a little versatility to it's uses. As long as sufficient sunlight is striking the panel the actual fountain can be placed almost anywhere - covered patios, gazebos, under trees and other foliage.

Compact All-In-One Units

Instapark¨ GYD-001 Solar-Powered Water Pump

More than just a novelty this is a mini fountain pump for use in birdbaths or decorative containers.

Suitable for tabletop applications and amid pots of foliage this little unit pushes water at a rate of .7 gallons per minute under ideal conditions.

The 3 included spray nozzles offer a variety of spray patterns and with 10 feet (3 meters) of cable to work with it's easy to place the 4.2 X 4.2 inch panel in the sunlight while the pump is tucked in a small grotto.


Instapark¨ GYF-0028 Solar-powered Water Pump

For a small pond or large birdbath this pump will bring a lively display.

The panel measures almost 8 X 11 inches and combined with the pump can output 1.3 gallons per minute and attain a height of 30 inches on a sunny day.

A spike, a 3 section pole and 3 spray nozzles allow you to use this pump however you like.


3 Watt Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump

Get a little more oomph with a 3 watt solar panel.

Adjust the settings manually to set on off times or set at auto to turn off at night and on in the day.

As if the fountain wasn't beautiful enough by itself there's an LED light too and a battery that makes the light and the fountain operable at night and during overcast days.

Use with one of the included spray fixtures or just attach some clear tubing to the output for a trickle effect over rockery.


Although any type of fountain can be powered with adequately sized solar powered fountain pumps, there are some fountain types that work best with solar energy.

A trickle fountain (pictured top) often maintains a more attractive form with variable flow rates than a spray fountain - and a spray fountain maintains better form than a bell fountain shape.

Most solar powered fountains do not have a battery that stores energy for use when the sun isn't shining. Batteries would add significantly to the cost and are not required unless it's important that your fountain be active all day or on demand at specific times.

Fountain Wisdom

Be a fountain

Not a drain

The power that runs the fountain comes directly from the solar panel and the strength of your fountain spray/flow will relate directly to how much sun is falling on the panel at any given moment (variable flow rate) and the size of your solar powered water pump.

When the sun is high overhead and unobstructed, the fountain will work to it's full capacity (as long as the panel is sized properly for the pump). If a cloud should pass overhead preventing the sun from reaching the panel the fountain spray/flow will fall off, sometimes stopping completely. As the cloud moves off and the sunlight once again strikes the panel, the spray will resume.

Advantages of Solar Powered Fountain Pumps

  • Solar energy does not compromise the environment.
  • No ongoing energy costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used in remote and difficult to access areas.
  • Long life.

Not just a pretty face, a solar fountain pump can be as practical or whimsical as you choose.

Bird bath fountains are often self contained units that provide hours of entertainment for the birds and you.

A solar pond pump can create a lovely fountain or simply oxygenate your pond water to keep fish and plants healthy. It'll also discourage algae growth and mosquito hatching.

Check out this demo video. It has a slow start but contains good info in the last half

Solar powered fountain pumps are the heart of a solar fountian and in combination with a solar panel - or two depending on how big a display you want - can provide you with a lovely, serene, low maintenance water feature anywhere the sun shines.

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